Having trouble deciding which form of transportation is ideal for your freight cargo? There’s no need to go anywhere else because KS trading has a solution for your every problem.  

The pandemic has increased charges for both air and ocean freight due to fluctuating prices of freight services and associated services and products. Nonetheless, the means of transportation for the commodities will be determined by their size, weight, and composition. 

Advantages And Disadvantages of Air Freight 

Air freight is without a doubt, the best method of freight for delivering products when compared to ocean freight if you require the shipment in a short time frame. It may be more expensive than ocean freight, but it gets the job done faster. The speed of delivery of air freight compensates for the expense. Furthermore, if your consignments have breakables or electronics, air freight is the best choice. If the cost difference between ocean and air freight is less than 20%, it is advisable to choose air freight since it gives superior security and reliability for the products.

KS Trading Air Freight Services 

KS Trading Services has established itself as the most sought-after freight forwarding service provider in Dubai and the UAE. For our consolidations, we employ premium couriers. We can deliver door-to-door customer service because of our international well-established network. This method usually takes two to three working days. During this time, goods and supplies are held up for clearance processes at departing and arriving terminals, accessible routes, and flights, and then booked for future shipment. There is the option of consolidating or direct freight forwarding.

We excel at providing easy, secure, cost-effective, and timely air freight services. There are both premium express and economical international shipping options available. Both of which include all clearing documentation needed at any customs terminal. KS Trading Group is well-known for providing our clients with bespoke air logistics services based on their requirements.

Proper packaging is crucial for safe and secure transport. KS Cargo has qualified packers that utilize specialized packing materials to safeguard your precious possessions and cargo throughout transportation and storage. High-quality packaging materials make your merchandise easier to handle and more secure throughout shipping. And, whether inside a vessel or on an open trailer, adequate strapping guarantees a safe delivery. We make sure to choose the ideal option for packing and securing your shipment, then securely convey it to its final destination.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Ocean Freight 

Ocean freight, on the other hand, is far less expensive and can convey enormous cargo. It is one of the best options for bulky consignments. This option takes longer than air freight and is further hampered by customs stand-ups and difficulties. This method is appropriate if you are not in a rush to get your package. However, depending on the distance, it might take anything from 7 to 70 days. It is also a common method since it is less expensive and provides a secure package shipment because the ships are equipped to withstand abrupt movements.