If you want to Import or export anything from the UAE border, you need to pay some charges for the customs clearance. Customs clearance is a lengthy procedure and requires the submission of a request along with some documents, permits, and money. In this article, we will guide you regarding the customs clearance procedure in UAE.

What Is the Meaning of Custom Clearance?

Customs clearance is a significant process for the goods that enter or leaves the country. Customs clearance is a kind of permit for the goods to enter or leave the country, and it requires several legal documents along with some cash as a duty. Custom clearance ensures that the products leaving or entering the country are safe. And it also promotes revenue development and protects the economy.

Custom Clearance Department UAE

Each emirate has its custom compliance committee, but the federal customs authority has central power. And it controls the implementation of custom-related laws, and regulations, and make policies and regulation related to customs clearance.

Every emirate has its custom clearance policies and mechanism. Seven different states of UAE have their custom clearance authorities.

  • Abu Dhabi Customs  
  • Dubai Customs  
  • Sharjah Customs  
  • Ajman Customs  
  • Umm AL Khaimah Customs  
  • Fujairah Customs 

Custom Clearance Procedure In UAE

Customs clearance is not a one-man job and is a lengthy process. Mostly the freight forwarders do this job. But you have to provide several documents to ensure smooth customs clearance.

  • Commercial Invoice  
  • Packing List  
  • Certificate of origin  
  • Import Permit 
  • Original Health Certificate (for a food product)  
  • Letter of Duty Exemption (Finance Ministry)
  • Bill of Lading   
  • Original Halal Slaughter Certificate (In case of food products)  

International trade is increasing day by day, and it provides several growth opportunities. And exports and imports are easy if you do all the paperwork, you will not face any hindrance in international shipment. And in case of any missing document, you have to face several difficulties. In short, shipping documents influence the fate of your international export. The following things are necessary for international transport. 

  • 3x Original bill 
  • 3x Original Invoice with stamp & signature  
  • 2x Original Phytosanitary of food
  • 2x Original Certificate of Origin  
  • 3x Original Packing with signature  
  • 2x Original Health Certificate in case of food 
  • 2x Original Certificate of Analysis 
  • And health certificates in case of animals 

What Is the Lading Bill?

A lading bill is a bill that your freight forwarder will provide. It includes the shipper Name, Notify Party, Discharge port and lading port, Container No & Type, mention of weight, and description of goods. 

Special Permission for The Following Products 

Special certification is necessary for the export of animals, pharmaceutical products, weapons, narcotics and meat products, and media products. 

Is It Necessary to Pay Customs Duties In UAE? 

Yes! It is necessary to pay customs duties in UAE. There is no specific amount that you have to pay as custom duty. The custom is calculated by the product’s CIF value, and it is 5% of the product’s CIF value. The customs charges are 50% for alcohol, sweetened beverages, and carbonated products. 

And the 5% duty in the case of the total worth of your product is 1000 AED. If the price is above 1000 AED, you will have to pay more for customs clearance. 

However, some products are transported without the duty charges. For instance, pharmaceutical and agricultural products. 

Do I Need A Customs Broker? 

If you can understand all the lengthy procedures and fulfill all the document requirements of the customs clearance, you do not need brokers. But as we mentioned above, it is a hectic job, and you need custom brokers for this job. Custom brokers save your time and help to avoid any errors and delays. 

In addition to this custom, brokers save your time by doing the paperwork quickly and efficiently. So, it is better to have the assistance of the customs brokers. 

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