Choosing the best shipping option is essential for making the customer happy and business moving. There are several shipping options avails now a day, but honestly, selecting the one right option could be very tricky. 

There is a term called the LCL or less than a container load. It is one of the most widely used shipping services globally, LCL allows the bookers to only book a part of the container while shipping. 

The method is helpful when the consignment can’t fulfill the whole container. LCL is economical and allows you to set more consignments at the shipping vehicle. Do you want to know more about LCL, its safety, and its reliability? Read this blog to have an understanding of LCL services. 

Buying full container 

Are you thinking hire a whole container for the small shipment? Well, that is going to be super uneconomical. The LCL is specifically for those people who import small consignments frequently. In the LCL you don’t need to pay for the whole container. You need to pay for only the posca that your stuff is occupying. Is not it amazing? 

If you want to import LCL from Dubai, KS logistics are there to have your back. They have the best terms, and they ensure the safety of your LCL. 

Pay for your consignment only

Do you want a considerable amount of money? You can do this by choosing the correct shipment method. Well, yes! LCL can help you to save money. If your shipment weighs less than the container, you don’t need to pay for the whole container. You can share a container with other importers. In this, you need to pay for the space your consignment is occupying. 

Faster delivery 

Usually, the private containers take longer than the LCL. Because in LCL, more than one buyer is involved, and so the freight forwards try to deliver their consignments as soon as possible. With LCL, leave all the tensions of delayed shipment. 

Easy to get a container 

It is not easy to get a private container for international shipments. For this, you have to wait for weeks, even for months. I know that is exhausting. But if your load is less than the container, don’t wait for the whole container. Instead, look for the container; that has sufficient space for your consignment and book that for you. 

You can get your consignment delivered with KS logistics; they are offering the best deals for the LCL. 

Booking during the peak season 

During the peak season, it is almost impossible to get an FCL, which leads to delayed shipment. And sometimes you have to spend extra dollars to get the delivery on time. 

But don’t worry about any delay with the LCL because your small consignment will defiantly get enough solace in any container and will come to you safely on time. 

Will CLC solve all my shipment requirements? 

We have explained some of the features of LCL, but there are a lot of other benefits of LCL, that are impossible to cover in this article. Nutshell is; if you are a small business owner that imports a small number of goods frequently, you need to find any trustable freight forwarding company like KS logistics so they can manage your LCL in the best economical way.