I know all of you love online shopping, and also you want to get your order delivered as soon as possible. A freight forwarder is the final hook in the supply chain. Freight forwarders bring your consignment to your doorstep.

The freight forwarder you see delivering your consignment is the one who faces the most challenges in the whole supply chain. And besides all the challenges, freight forwarders try their best to hand in the consignment safely and on time. 

KS Trading freight forwarders got the training before starting the work. They are trained to deliver their consignments at right destination as soon as possible. Following are some challenges that our freight forwarders can face during their duty.

  • Faulty Documents

It is one of the most challenging situations, that our freight forwarders face, and it is one of the biggest reasons for delayed delivery. A lot of the buyers don’t mention the correct address, and freight forwarders have to find the address on their own. Many other types of incorrect documentation eventually led to delayed delivery.

  • Total Loss of The Cargo

It is one of the most significant liabilities that a freight forwarder faces. It occurs either due to theft, or physical damage to the cargo caused by accident or natural calamity. In these scenarios, sometimes freight forwarders lose valuable things and face the music of the loss in several ways.

  • Damage To the Cargo

It is also a common situation. Damage to the consignment mostly happens due to improper packing. The team in charge of the packing department is responsible for it, but mostly freight forwarders have to face the music of this loss.

  • Rerouting Of the Cargo

It mostly happens when the provided address is incorrect, and the cargo is now on another continent. These types of consignments increase the cost of the shipment and also increase the delivery time.

  • Cargo Abandonment

The situation mostly happens when the person who has ordered the consignment is not interested in having it. It maybe due to financial issues, and there could be many other reasons. The freight forwarder has to take the abandoned cargo back and deliver it to the warehouse for further processing.

There are many other difficulties that a freight forwarder faces, like natural calamities, violent protests, long traffic jams, and many other things, but they still try to satisfy their companies.

KS trading company is busy for years in serving the clients best. Our freight forwarders are experts in handling and protecting all kinds of consignments.

Qualities A Freight Forwarder Must Have:

As a whole, a fright forwarder should be the most trusted person with a good set of communication and smart planning. Good communication is the key to success in business. A person who can convince customers to share accurate information, also sort out the best way to reach the destination in the minimum possible time can be the best freight forwarder

Our freight forwarders are one man army. They have the training to pass all the hurdles of the journey. Moreover, our team tries to manage everything beforehand. We ensure the safest packaging of the consignment, and then we pick the smoothest possible route for the consignment delivery. So, our freight forwarders have to face minimum challenges.